People kept asking...
So I wrote it all down.

A "how to" book for people who want to lose the fat, gain lean muscle and achieve their ideal body. No bullshit.

Available everywhere Spring 2020. Just in time to get ready for beach season!

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A Simple, Scientific Strategy
to achieve the body of your dreams

A Simple, Scientific Strategy to achieve the body of your dreams

This book will show you how to get in the best shape of your life, no matter your age or current level of fitness, and it will happen without extreme dieting, excessive cardio, bootcamp classes or dangerous supplements. No expensive equipment. No “bro-science” and definitely no crawling across the gym floor on all-fours like an asshole.

How I Did It explains the simple science behind what to eat, when to eat it, and how to exercise so that your body works the way it was built to work. No gimmicks.

If you've struggled with fat loss for years, this book is for you! If you just can’t seem to crack single-digit body fat, this book is for you! If you're tired of the hype about the latest crazy diets and exercise programs, this book is definitely for you!

In this book you'll discover:

You DON'T need to spend endless hours on a treadmill. Cardio is NOT the key to fat loss!

You DON'T need to waste all your free time in a gym. You can train effectively with a 3-, 4- or 5-day split, based on YOUR goals.

You DON'T need to spend $250/ month on bootcamp classes or CrossFit gyms.


Yes, you CAN.

You CAN be lean and muscular while also living your life, spending time with friends and family, and being a regular human person.

You CAN increase your energy and feel healthy by optimizing your diet and exercise routine without going to extremes.

You CAN achieve fitness at any age.
Don't let anyone tell you it's "just genetics" or luck or that you need to devote your entire life to fitness. That's bullishit!


About the Author

Nate Clark is not a professional athlete or bodybuilder. He didn't have a movie studio paying for a personal trainer. He’s just a regular guy who struggled to lose fat, and then finally figured out how to do it. After 20 years of failed diets and way too much cardio, he transformed his body in ways he never thought possible.

How I Did It is a candid, thorough, science-based approach to getting lean and muscular, complete with workout plans and instructions for balancing macronutrients. It's full of personal insight, humor, and simple strategies that anyone can implement, no matter how hectic life gets.