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What is FITNRD?

At 40 years old, Nate Clark lost 30 lbs of fat, added 15 pounds of muscle, and carved a better version of himself than he’d ever imagined was possible. FITNRD emerged from that experience and the pure desire to share actionable health and fitness information with others.

We started with a simple goal: to understand the science of fitness and nutrition and apply it to our everyday lives. We explore data-driven fitness research and make that knowledge accessible and enjoyable to read. We know it’s hard to choose which health advice to listen to when everyone is trying to sell you something. FITNRD aims to do the research so you can prioritize living your best life.

We understand the challenges and help you navigate the path to your ideal self.


We dive into the latest fitness research and translate it into something you can use in your daily routine. Whether it’s understanding why leg day matters or how cardio benefits your overall health, our fitness content breaks down the latest research, transforming it into fun, applicable knowledge to invigorate your routine.

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Nutrition can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. From balancing hormones through diet to the pitfalls of the latest macronutrient fad, we explore real nutrition science and share easy-to-understand, actionable advice for modern readers. Here, you’ll find the insights you need to eat for health and high performance.


We’re your test pilots for health and fitness products, supplements, and interventions. From wearable tech to the latest in non-alcoholic spirits, we give you honest, firsthand experiences to help you make informed choices.

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Homemade Turkey Chili Con Carne


Our recipes and meal plans are more than just healthy; they’re designed for real life. Quick, tasty, and nutritious meals that fit into your busy schedule, helping you and your family eat well without the fuss. The recipes here are more than recipes — they’re a pathway to stress-free eating that turns meals into rituals for wellness.

Not just another fitness brand...

FITNRD isn’t just a brand; it’s a community. A haven for aspiring, conscious individuals to find clarity amidst the noise of health fads. We curate content from evidence-based fitness guides and offer actionable strategies, all to inspire confidence, reduce stress, and promote a healthier, leaner, and more vibrant you.

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